Thomas Moore/

Thomas Moore/

September 2nd, 2011

THOMAS MOORE (1584-1645)

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                                                              SHIP:      “Mary and John”           

                  YEAR CAME TO AMERICA:      1630

              FAMILY MEMBERS ON SHIP:     Thomas and son John



            Thomas Moore was born 28 Jul 1584 at Micheldever, Hampshire, England to Thomas More.[1]  It is unknown who he married.


Thomas Moore and John Moore, his son, were passengers on the “Mary and John”.  They both witnessed the will of John Russel of Dorchester 26 Aug 1633, but no other record of Thomas Moore is found in Dorchester. He had daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth.


Thomas’ children were John born abt 1614, Hannah born abt 1614, Thomas born abt 1629, and Elizabeth born abt 1631.


There is a Thomas Moore that was married to a Martha Young daughter of Christopher Young.  But this Thomas was alive in 1658 and went from Salem to Southold, New York.[2]


Thomas Moore removed to Windsor about 1635, being one of the founders of that town. Thomas and 60 others became disillusioned with the leadership at Dorchester and this group founded the town of Windsor. He remained there until his death in 1645.


There is some confusion on the Thomas Moore who came to America from Southwold, England 1635 on the ship “Love”.  He settled in Salem and in 1651 moved to Southold, Long Island.  This Thomas Moore married Martha Young daughter of Christopher Young. Thomas was alive in 1658. [3]

[1], Ordinance Record Batch No.l J136671


[3]                                                                                                                             Date: Sat Feb 20 16:54:30 1999Name: Jane Kennard Gilman

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