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The reason I did this blog was so everyone could have access to the information that I have.  However I have found that the now has Family Tree where this information can be retrieved.  Any additional information I will be putting into Family Tree.  So if you are looking for more information for your family it may be there.

Thank you,  Jacque

Genealogy has always been something I have loved to do.  At age 10 my grandma Lake put a pedigree chart in front of me and had me fill it out.  That is when it all began.  I didn’t know why at the time but all I knew was I loved Genealogy.  All through my College years I compiled information already done and did research.  I met and worked with one of the finest Genealogists, Lauren Jaussi.  She taught me her research methods and it has benefited me ever since.  BYU was a great resource for doing Genealogy work and having the Family History Library in Salt Lake was a dream come true.  I have written a book for my husband’s side of the family and I have written a book for my side of the family back to our pioneer ancestry.

My new book is “My Early American Ancestry.”  This book will cover all of my ancestors who came to America down to my pioneer ancestors.  It may take awhile to complete but I plan on putting the information I acquire on my website so that others can use the information I find.  Hopefully, I can also work with others to find documentation that I forgot to write down or corrections to my work.

I am always willing to share whatever I have with others and I hope you will do the same for me.  So here goes. . . my new adventure!!

Jacque Lake Lee